Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI & HyperOS Devices [Best Themes for Customization]

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Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI & HyperOS Devices [Best Themes for Customization]

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Still, waiting for the new HyperOS updates? Or search for another way to customize and give a more decent experience in your HyperOS? If yes, here are the Best HyperOS Themes for your Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOy. Based on the compatibility and the customization features here, we have recommended the top themes for HyperOS for both MIUI & HyperOS.

HyperOS Themes are more refined and customizable than the previous MIUI Themes. If you are still MIUI users & searching for HyperOS HyperOS-compatible themes to get the HyperOS Feel, then you can try this. Also, these Themes for HyperOS Xiaomi are mainly extracted from the official MI Theme Store (mostly), making them compatible with both MIUI & HyperOS.

Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI & HyperOS

HyperOS Themes are the customized themes for MIUI & HyperOS devices. You can change your Phone’s UI over the default theme with these themes. Whether you’re an MIUI or HyperOS User, you will get some exciting features that make it more favorable than your system’s default theme. 

These HyperOS Theme for MIUI & HyperOS change the Lock screen, App icons & and colors, control center, settings UI, and more. But it won’t be able to give or turn your MIUI into HyperOS. We can say the Themes are the UI changes of the Phone only. Okay, let’s dive into the Best Themes for HyperOS Xiaomi.

Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI [Get HyperOS Experience in MIUI Devices]

If you are an MIUI user waiting for the HyperOS Updates, you can try some HyperOS Experience with these themes. These HyperOS Themes for MIUI are made to get a better experience based on HyperOS. Most of the devices are not still getting HyperOS updates or may not get HyperOS Updates. That’s why we have targeted those MIUI users who are not getting the HyperOS Updates shortly. Check this Best HyperOS Theme for MIUI Devices to get a HyperOS Experience.

Note: You can still use this theme on your HyperOS Devices.

Hyper Max HyperOS Theme for MIUI Devices

Hyper Max HyperOS Theme
hyper max themes for hyperos

Hyper Max is the first mention from the list of Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI. If you want to get some HyperOS-inspired experience in your MIUI Devices, you can try this theme on your MIUI phone now. Hyper Max theme features the big clock widget, which can be placed in the Home & Lock screen.

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Besides, this theme features beautiful App icons with trending app widgets for the Home & Lock screen. Also, the theme features Minimal changes over the Control Center of your Phone & Status bar. 

Similarly, this HyperOS MIUI Theme can also change the System UI. So, Hyper Max is a suitable HyperOS theme for MIUI Devices. You can also apply it on your HyperOS if you love this theme.

hyper max themes for hyperos
Theme NameHyper Max
Theme Size36.82MB
Designed byKimDung
CompatibilityMIUI & HyperOS
RemarksBest theme for HyperOS Experience in your MIUI Devices

Hyper Depth HyperOS Theme for MIUI Devices

hyper depth hyperos theme download
hyper depth theme for hyperos

Next, Hyper Depth is another of the Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI. Like the default HyperOS Theme, we can find the beautiful clock/time widget, which can be placed in the Home and Lock screen. Here, it features a customizable lock screen with beautiful app widgets.

Although you won’t be able to get the customizable Lock screen as on the HyperOS, you will love this theme. The beautiful, colorful app icons and the minimal changes over the Control center give a refreshing experience to your MIUI Devices.

Also, some changes in the system UI with the fantastic beautiful wallpaper make it one of the Beautiful HyperOS Theme MIUI. Like on Hyper Max Theme it’s another best option you can try in your MIUI Phone.

hyper depth hyperos themes
Theme NameHyper Depth
Theme Size18.40 MB
Designed byMd Jibon
CompatibilityMIUI & HyperOS
RemarksBest theme for HyperOS Experience in your MIUI Devices

Hyper Mind HyperOS Theme for MIUI

hyper mind hyperos theme download

Hyper Mind Theme for MIUI features the Lock screen of HyperOS default Theme. It is based on the Rhombus lock screen animation of the HyperOS Theme. So, if you love this type of Lock screen, then you can try this Theme in your MIUI Devices. Also, here you can get the refreshing wallpaper for the Home screen.

Here, too, the app icons are more natural and look refreshing. Also, the Home screen is more customizable with the beautiful app icons and a beautiful control center. We can notice some changes in the control center regarding its color effects.

Some system apps like MIUI Dialer and System UI also look refreshing with some color effects of this Theme. 

hyper mind theme download hyperos
Theme NameHyper Mind
Theme Size24.68 MB
Designed byMd Jibon
CompatibilityMIUI & HyperOS
RemarksBest theme for HyperOS Experience in your MIUI Devices

Hyper Lor 2 HyperOS Theme for MIUI

Hyper Lor 2 HyperOS Themes Download

You can also find the Hyper Lor Theme here. Hyper Lor 2 is another HyperOS-inspired Theme you can try in your MIUI. If you love the HyperOS default Clock widget, try this Theme. Based on the Inspiration of the HyperOS, this Theme looks impressive in terms of customization.

Here, you can find beautiful App icons based on HyperOS. Also, the Home & Lock screen is filled with unique and beautiful Widgets for customization. Also, the control center looks refreshing with some color effects on it. 

Furthermore, the Theme features a beautiful clock with Dynamic icons. Also, the Theme is light and works smoothly in your MIUI.

Hyper Lor Theme Download
Theme NameHyper Lor 2
Theme Size30.03 MB
Designed byKIERRuiPro
CompatibilityMIUI & HyperOS
RemarksBest theme for HyperOS Experience in your MIUI Devices

Best HyperOS Themes for HyperOS [Get some Better Custom Experience in HyperOS Devices]

If you are already running on HyperOS, you are not here for the HyperOS Style themes. Now, you are searching for better themes to customize your HyperOS Themes. Due to this, here we have mentioned some refreshing and Best HyperOS Themes to customize your HyperOS Devices. 

Like above, you can also use this theme in your MIUI Devices. Also, here, we have focused on providing other themes that add more customization and give a refreshing UI Experience in your HyperOS.

Depth Field Theme with Cool Widgets & Custom Lock screen

depth field hyperos theme
best themes for hyperos

Depth Field is one of the Beautiful HyperOS Themes that you can try. If you are searching for a refreshing theme to customize your Lock screen, then you can try this theme. It features the beautiful Clock widgets in your Home & Lock screen. Also, this theme is inspired by the iOS Theme.

Like on the iPhone Theme, you will find the beautiful Clock & Weather widgets for the Home screen. Also, the App icons are inspired by the iOS App icons. Besides you can also able to make a customization on the Lock screen in this HyperOS Theme.

Also, some minor changes over the System UI, Control Center, and the others make it one of the Best HyperOS themes. 

depth theme hyperos downloadable
Theme NameDepth Field
Theme Size36.6 MB
Designed byMd Kabir Singh
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBest for Lock Screen Customization & Widgets

OCircle_UI HyperOS Theme with Dynamic App Icons & Lock screen

ocircle ui hyperos theme download
ocircle ui theme for hyperos

OCircle_UI is another Best Theme for HyperOS, featuring beautiful App icons with a customizable Lock screen. In this theme, we can find the beautiful clock widget placed on the Lock screen with the dynamic Lock screen. Also, it features the beautiful clock widget, which can be placed on the Lock screen to get a refreshing UI Experience.

Also, the theme features a small charging animation on the lock screen. Besides, the Dynamic App icons are unique on this HyperOS Theme. The app drawer on the icons below gives a decent UI and eye-pleasing experience.

With these all, you can also find the app widgets of Clock, widgets & many more. Overall, it’s another Best Theme for HyperOS that you can try.

ocircle theme download miui
Theme NameOCircle_UI
Theme Size21.5 MB
Designed byAMJAD ALY
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBest for Lock Screen Customization & Widgets

CWK1 HyperOS Theme with Pixel Experience

cwk1 hyperos compatible themes

If you love your phone’s Pure Stock Android experience, here’s the CWK1 Google Pixel Theme. CWK1 Theme is based on the Pixel experience of the Google. So, if you love the Google Pixel Lock screen and the clean App icons, you can try this theme in your HyperOS.

Based on the pure android experience here you will get some fantastic experience with this theme. Firstly, it features a beautiful Lock screen similar to the Pixel Phones. Also, the App icons are customized in this theme to give a decent UI experience for you.

Additionally, the app widgets are based on the Pixel Phone. So, if you love the app widgets of the Pixel phone, then you can try this Google Pixel Theme for HyperOS. Also, it features the custom boot animation, that’s amazing.

Theme NameCWK1
Theme Size9.8 MB
Designed bymohammed sobhy
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBest for Clean Google Pixel Experience & Lock screen

Spectrum UI v2 HyperOS Theme with Featured Lockscreen

spectrum ui v2 hyperos theme for miui

Spectrum UI v2 Theme for HyperOS is a refreshing theme featuring a beautiful experience. You can find the beautiful Lockscsreen filled with App widgets and shortcuts here. If you love the easy access to the app features from the Lock screen, then you can try this Spectrum HyperOS Theme.

In this HyperOS Theme, we can easily access the app widgets placed on the Home & Lock screen. Also, the app icons are unique and look refreshing. 

Additionally, with the minimal changes over the System UI, Control center, and customization, we can find it as another Best HyperOS Theme in terms of customization. 

spectrum theme download for hyperos
Theme NameSpectrum UI v2
Theme Size22.5 MB
Designed byMd Jibon
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBest for Custom Lock Screen & App Widgets

MAXENIX M14 Theme with Cool Customization

maxenix m14 hyperos theme download

MAXENIX M14 is another HyperOS Theme in our list featuring a lot of customization options. If you are more focused on customization, try this HyperOS Theme now. This theme features a lot of customization regarding the Lock & Home screen and App icons.

At first, you will be able to make the customization from the Lock screen. Here, we can find the beautiful Lock screen with the fantastic App icons and widgets. Besides this, we can also find the tremendous time and weather widgets for the placement on the Home Screen. 

As more, the App Icons are also refreshing and look decent. For more, you can get customization with the different Lock screen and Clock styles here. Overall, it’s one of the well packed Best Theme for HyperOS.

maxenix hyperos compatible themes
Theme NameMAXENIX M14
Theme Size10.4 MB
Designed byYenRu
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBest for Custimization

iOSStarWorld v8.0 iOS Theme for HyperOS

ios starworld v8 hyperos theme download

iOSStarWorld is one of the top Themes that features the iPhone experience in MIUI & HyperOS. From the journey of iOSStarWorld v1 to v8, we can find the top and best iPhone Experience ever in our phones. So, here’s the latest Version, 8.0, of the iOSStarWorld HyperOS Theme.

iOSStarWorld v8.0 HyperOS Theme features the beautiful Charging Animation in the Lock screen, which works fine. Besides, it features a fantastic Lock screen filled with customization with the Clock widgets and other cool features.

Besides, the Home screen is also excellent, with many iPhone Inspired App icons and widgets. Here, you can change the Control center, Volume Bar animation, and more with this Best iOS Theme for HyperOS.

ios starworld ios theme for hyperos
Theme NameiOSStarWorld v8.0
Theme Size115 MB
Designed byiOSStarWorld
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBest for iPhone Experience

Hyper Global Theme with Minimal Experience

hyper global hyperos theme download

The HyperOS default theme inspires the Hyper Global Theme with some changes. By rooting the default HyperOS Theme here, we can find the changes over the App icons. Firstly, this theme’s App icons are unique and look beautiful. The App icons of this theme are unique and give a refreshing experience.

Also, the App widgets are notable features of this theme. This theme’s iOS iOS-inspired app widgets for time and weather. Also, the minimal changes over the Lock screen give some quite different changes in the Lock screen, too. 

With these all the changes are minimal overall the other parts. We can only notice minimal changes regarding App icons, Home and Lock screens, and System UI.

hyper global themes for hyperos
Theme NameHyper Global
Theme Size54.00 MB
Designed byaomithasan
CompatibilityHyperOS & MIUI
RemarksBased on Minimal Experience


So these are our team’s recommendations for the Best HyperOS Themes for MIUI & HyperOS. Based on the practical use of all these themes for HyperOS & MIUI, we have recommended these themes to give a decent experience to our Xiaomi fans. By focusing on both MIUI & HyperOS, we have recommended separately the Themes to choose from for you.

That’s all about the Best Themes for HyperOS from our side. We used to keep on updating this recommendation from time to time for you. So, keep updating with the Latest HyperOS Updates on your Phone, too. For more support and recommendations share your comments down.