7 Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI & HyperOS

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7 Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI & HyperOS

Do you love customization in your Xiaomi Phones? Whether it’s MIUI or HyperOS Xiaomi has allowed its users a lot of customization features. Besides the premium and flagship phones, all the Xiaomi phones come with the side-mounted fingerprint. But we all love the In-Display Fingerprint, which even looks amazing and impressive. So, to fulfil your requirements on finding the Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint, here we have mentioned these top Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI & HyperOS.

We all love the In-Display Fingerprint in your smartphone. For this reason, the MIUI & HyperOS Third-party designer has made a number of HyperOS Themes that give the In-Display Fingerprint Experience in your Xiaomi Phones. Due to this, we have aimed to provide some of the best Android MI Fingerprint Lock theme animations to our Xiaomi Fans.

7 Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for HyperOS & MIUI

Mi Phone Themes Fingerprint are made to add the Fingperint Animation in the phones. Actually, these themes are based on Software support, which adds Fingerprint Animation to the Lock screen of your Xiaomi (Redmi, POCO, & MI) phones. But in actuality, these fingerprint sensors don’t work on the in-display fingerprint non-supportive phones.

Suppose your phone features the Optical Under Display features. In that case, you will get some exciting changes over it with beautiful and refreshing Fingerprint Animation. But for the side-mounted & rear-mounted fingerprint smartphone users, you can use it as a way to swipe to unlock the phone. In short, these are just an Animation.

relax Legacy Theme with Fingerprint & Charging Animation

realX Legacy HyperOS Theme is one of the top and most searched MIUI Themes as of now. It’s a beautiful theme featuring the cool charging Animation. Here, we can find the cool charging Animation on this phone, which blinks while the phone is plugged in charging. 

mi phone themes fingerprint

Also, the In-Display Fingerprint Animation of this theme adds more value to this Theme. In fact, real Legacy is one of the best Android MI Theme Fingerprint Locks for Redmi and POCO phones. 

With the help of this theme, you will be able to change the Home and Lock screen easily. Also, it features the OxygenOS-inspired app icons with minimal changes over the Control centre and status bar.

Love Feel Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock with Dark Animation

After Realx Legacy, the Love Feel MIUI Theme is also in trend. Although the theme doesn’t feature enough like other Premium themes from our list, it’s still the best. We can find the best hyper os theme for its cool lock screen. Here, the lock screen features dynamic Fingerprint Animation (android mi themes fingerprint lock).

android mi theme fingerprint lock

Also, the Lock screen is filled with dark animation and beautiful wallpaper. With these, all the app icons are different from others. Anyway, the app icons are also fully dark, which gives more colour accuracy and a better experience to the users.

Likewise, this Love Feel HyperOS Theme features Minimal Changes over the Control centre and the status bar. Here you will also love the dynamic fingerprint animation which I have mentioned above.

OriginFTW Android MI Fingerprint Theme Charging Animation

OriginFTW is my personal favourite and the Best HyperOS Theme. It’s a Minimal Theme made for the MIUI & HyperOS. Here, we can find the theme is packed with beautiful Small In-Display Fingerprint Animation, which can be used to unlock the phone by holding it.

android mi fingerprint lock

Also, the phone has the Cool charging Animation like on the RealX Legacy Theme. Besides the theme features the beautiful App Icons. Again, for me, the App icons are dynamic and look cool and eye-pleasing to me. 

With these all, we can also find attractive changes over the control centre of this theme. You can apply this theme to get the best UI with a number of beautiful App widgets easily.

Touch_DWM4 Theme with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Animation

Touch_DWM4 is the first theme from our recommendation to feature the big Fingerprint Animation. It’s one of the best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Locks for MIUI & HyperOS devices that features an amazing lock screen. Also, the theme features attractive app icons with a stylish robotic look.

mi phone themes fingerprint

Main, the App icons are totally different and shaped with different shapes, which adds more value to this theme for our fans. Similarly, you will also find some changes in the Home and Lock screen on this theme.

Also, the theme is based on the Dark Mode so here you will get the Deep Dark experience. For more, you will also find some app widgets of this theme to customize your Home screen.

MOXX Ui Android MI Fingerprint Lock with Dark Wallpaper

Moxx Ui is another Dark Theme for HyperOS in this list after Touch_DWM4. Like other MI Fingerprint themes here, we can find Dark Animation with beautiful app icons. Based on the Minimal Experience, we can’t expect more on this theme. But still, you may love this Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for its Lock screen.

android mi themes fingerprint lock

In the Lock screen we can find the small bright Optical Under Display Fingerprint Animation. You can use this Fingerprint Animation to swipe up the phone to Unlock, but with the help of AI Face Unlock, this theme works fine like a real sensor.

For more, we can also find the amazing clock widget placed in the Home and Lock screen of this theme. Also, the app icons look close, similar to the OriginFTW theme app icons. As more, you can also find the Always on Display feature if your phone supports this feature.

AbhiXROG Theme with Fingerprint & Charging Animation

AbhiXROG HyperOS Theme is one of the Best Themes for HyperOS. If you love the Optical display features on your phone, then it’s another best option for you. Like our previous OriginFTW & RealX Legacy, here you can find the cool charging Animation features, too.

fingerprint theme download

With the charging animation your phone looks more amazing and premium while the phone is placed for charging. Also, the theme features beautiful app icons with minimal changes over the Control centre. Here, the App icons are closer to the iPhone App Icons.

Besides these, we can find Minimal changes overall UI of the phone after applying this theme. Like other Android MI Themes, Fingerprint Lock, here, too, we can find almost all animation features to customize the phone.

Business_Finger with Fingerperint & Navigation

Business Fingepr Android MI Theme Fingeprint Lock adds more value to our list. Here, this theme is quite different in terms of the Lock screen. Here we can find the big customizable Fingerprint Animation with easy navigation to the apps and features. 

mi phone theme fingerprint

Suppose you love the big fingerprint Animation and want to get easy navigation to the primary apps. In that case, it’s one of the best options for you. Similarly, we can also find the changes in the App icons of this theme and the control centre.

Like other premium themes, you can also find the changes in the system UI. Overall, it’s another beautiful Android MI Things Fingerprint Lock for Xiaomi Phones.


We have mentioned the 7 Best Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock for MIUI & HyperOS devices. If you love these MI Phone Theme Fingerprint Lock then you can apply it once and experience it. Here we have tried our best to mention the top fingerprint theme to give the best UI experience in terms of In-Display Fingerprint Animation to our Xiaomi fans. 


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