How to Enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones


How to Enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones

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If you are still a MIUI user, then don’t worry. We have mentioned a theme that helps get the New HyperOS App Icons packs. If you love the App icons of the new HyperOS Updates, then you will get the most similar and inspired app icons closer to the HyperOS. So, here we will guide you on How to Enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones.

For a long time, Xia Omi has followed the same boring app icon packs in all MIUI Version updates. So, if you are bored with the classic MIUI App icon pack by default, don’t worry. Here, the HyperOS theme helps you quickly give the New HyperOS App Icons in your MIUI. 

How to Enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones

We are using one particular theme in the Theme Store for this process. With the help of that specific theme, you will be able to get the HyperOS App icons. Here, we will show you the step-by-step tutorial you need to follow to Apply just the App icons.

HyperUI is thethe theme we use in this tutorial to get the new HyperOS App icons. Besides the app icons, the other theme UI could be more impressive for me. That’s why I don’t recommend you Apply all the elements of this theme. This tutorial will enable the App Icons features for just the App icons. 

Download HyperUI MIUI/HyperOS Theme from the Theme Store

How to Enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones
  • Open the Themes app on your Xiaomi phone. 
  • Now tap the Search box and search with the word ‘HyperUI’.
  • After finding out the search result, tap on the theme as shown in the image, 
  • Tap on the DOWNLOAD option to start downloading.

Apply/Enable HyperOS App Icons Pack

After successfully downloading the HyperUI Theme, you need to apply it. Here’s how to use it.

How to Enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones
  • Tap on the Customise option shown there near to APPLY.
  • Now uncheck all the features from there except Icons.
  • After that tap on Apply, and that’s it.

With these simple steps, you can easily enable HyperOS App Icons on MIUI Phones. Besides, you can also add the beautiful HyperOS wallpaper to give a closer HyperOS Experience. 

Themes like HyperLOR, HyperCN, and HyperMAX also feature a beautiful lock screen to give the HyperOS Experience in any MIUI Phone.