How to get HyperOS Updates at First? Download HyperOS Updates Early

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How to get HyperOS Updates at First? Download HyperOS Updates Early

After the announcement of the HyperOS by Xiaomi, all Xiaomi smartphone & tablet users have eagerly waited for the Updates to be received on their phones. As of now mos, most of the flagship & latest phones have already been getting the HyperOS Download Push-in their Phone. So if your device is on the HyperOS Eligible List & waiting for the Updates, then here’s the way how to get HyperOS Updates First than others.

We’ve noticed that the social media chats and groups are filled with screenshots of HyperOS updates on members’ phones on the same model. But still, we are not getting it on the same Phone that we are using. So, it creates some unhappiness for us, like discrimination in terms of HyperOS Updates between the Country & Users. 

With these all here, we’re with you to give a quick & 100% genuine idea that will help your device get the new HyperOS Download Patch earlier than others. 

Get HyperOS Updates at First on your Phone than Others on Xiaomi & Redmi Phones

Are you searching for ‘How to get HyperOS in your Xiaomi Phones?’? If yes, then here you’re at the correct destination. After doing some small research on the internet & practical algorithms, I’ve concluded this article for you. Here, I’ve tested this method with more than 10 Xiaomi & POCO Phones, where all of them work & get early HyperOS Updates (Update at First).

The single way that we discuss here is based on the Mi Pilot Tester Recuritment. So, if you are a Global UI Based Xiaomi User, then here you will get an opportunity to get faster updates than others. Here, I mean the Xiaomi MIUI Global (MI) will get this opportunity to take part in the MI Account Beta program, from where you will be able to get HyperOS Updates at First from the MI Pilot Program of Xiaomi. 

Here, we are going to show the steps that you need to follow carefully to participate in this program. We’ve got the Phone used to get updated within a few hours of registration in this program if the Update is rolled out for other MI Pilot Users.

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Process to Get HyperOS Updates Faster

How to get HyperOS Updates at First
  • In 1. In order to guarantee… you have to tap on Yes and then Next.
  • In 2. We need to collect… you have to tap on Yes and then Next.
  • In 3. Check on 18 years old and above there, and then tap on Next.
  • In 4. Check on Yes, I have read carefully & agree and then tap on Next.
get hyperos update fast
  • In 5. Enter your MI Account ID, and then tap on Next.
  • In 6. Confirm your device is Xiaomi MI or Redmi, and then tap on Next.
download hyperos updates
  • In 7. Choose the device Model from the given list and check it (Mark/Choose), scroll down and tap on Next.
redmi hyperos update download
  • In 8. Choose the software version of your current Phone. Here, based on your ROM, you’ve to choose it. You can check on the Settings>About Phone whether it’s pure Global (MI) or others like Europe (EU), India (Europe), etc.
how to get hyperos update
  • At last, tap on Yes to consent with all the requirements fulfilled and then Next.
  • Skip the QR by tapping on the Cance (icon) there & then tap on Next.
how to get hyperos update fast
  • That’s it; now your MI Account is enrolled in MI Pilot. Please wait for the HyperOS Update & be ready to Install it.

At last, we welcome all the MIUI Users to the new World of Xiaomi called HyperOS. We are happy to share the useful post regarding getting HyperOS Updates at First with our MIUI & HyperOS Fans & Families. But it would help if you kept in mind that the MI Account must be correct at first. Secondly, you don’t need to expect more on the HyperOS Updates that you are getting on your Phones.


Based on the phones you are using (their budget, & age (from the launch date), you may get features limitation. Here, I mean, the flagship Xiaomi Phones will get full & complete HyperOS features that you’ve seen in YouTube videos or any other sources. 

But entry-level budget phones like Redmi 12 4G/5G (fire), Redmi 12C (earth), etc., will get the core features only, just like Samsung. Samsung released their OneUI in OneUI called the full version of OS & OneUI Core (where the prime & basic features are packed).


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