How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI


How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI

With the new HyperOS Update, Xiaomi has introduced many features. Among them, the new Dynamic Island style charging animation is one of the themes. Like on the iPhone, the new HyperOS features the dynamic island, which notifies you about Phone charging status and Profile Mode (Silent, DND, etc.). By default, all the Xiaomi Phones running on HyperOS get this update, but if you are an MIUI user, you can get such features from third-party apps. Here’s how to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI devices.

You may know that Realme has introduced the iPhone-inspired Dynamic Island features on their Realme C55 phone. After that, the Realme follows the same and adds the same iPhone-inspired Dynamic Island features on the Realme C53 phone. So, in this race, Xia Omi has also joined the hand in the future of Dynamic Island and introduced it as the default feature on all Xiaomi Phones running on HyperOS.

Charging Animation Pop-up: A Part of HyperOS Dynamic Island

Realme introduced Dynamic Island, which the iPhone inspired, to the Android world. Realme C55 will be known as the first Android phone to submit it. After Realme Xia, Omi has implemented the iPhone-inspired dynamic island features as the default for all the phones running on HyperOS. 

So, the Charging Animation is the part of the Dynamic Island introduced by the Xiaoami. Like Realme, Xiaomi has limited its functionality to only certain apps. Like on Realme phones, this feature can only Show notifications regarding Phone charging and profile charges (Silent, General, DND, etc.). 

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How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI

For the HyperOS users, it’s not a big deal because we get it as the default feature. But you can’t get it if you are an MIUI user. So, to all our MIUI fans, we’ve introduced the App, which helps you get similar features and UI. Here, we’ve found the App in the Play Store called HyperOS Charging Animation, developed by Colour Studios

OK, let’s see the tutorial to turn on HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI phones quickly,

  • Install the HyperOS Charging Animation app from the Play Store,
  • Open the App; it will ask you to allow the Accessibility Service to get into the features,
  • Toggle right there to turn on the Accessibility Service. there, now it will prompt you to Accept the Terms of the Service in Pop-up screen,
How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI
  • Check the Accept Term of Service and then ACCEPT there,
  • Again, tap on OK of the Term of Service pop-up shown on the Screen; it will redirect you to the Accessibility features, 
  • Now tap on the Downloaded apps from the Accessibility options,
How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI
  • Tap on AGREE from the Pop-up shown there showing Accessibility Permission Disclosure & Consent,
  • In the next step, toggle the option Use HyperOS Charging Animation There,
How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI
  • Now, under the Downloaded apps, you have to choose the HyperOS Charging Animation; it will open the Danger Prompt on the Screen,
How to Enable HyperOS Charging Animation in MIUI
  • Just check on the I’m aware of the possible risks, and assume,…. And then OK, after that, the option Use Charging Animation will be Enabled. , the Accessibility Service option will also be enabled there,
  • That’s all.

Customize the Charging Animation

After getting with the process of How to Enable Charging Animation in MIUI, you can customize it. Here, the major field of communication is the Charging Text. Here’s how to do it,

  • From the Home tab/Dashboard of the App, go to the Set Charging Text,
  • From the Set Charging Text tab, you can choose any text to display while charging, 
turn on charging animation in redmi
  • Choose any Charging Text there; you can select options like Charging, Quick Charging, Fast Charging, Super Quick Charging, & Super Fast Charging.


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