Enable HyperOS Dynamic Island in Xiaomi Devices. Here’s the Complete Steps


Enable HyperOS Dynamic Island in Xiaomi Devices. Here’s the Complete Steps

The default dynamic Island of HyperOS is not mentionable. We all know the HyperOS Dynamic Island is less functional than the iOS. Also, it’s in the initial stage, so we need help finding the best animation and control over the HyperOS Devices. But instead of all these, we’ve shared a possible tutorial to get the best HyperOS Dynamic Island experience.

In this tutorial, we will share the two possible ways to get the Dynamic Island HyperOS. For this, we are using the third-party app, and in the second method, we are using the most useful HyperOS Theme.

What’s Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island is the pop-up feature at the notch’s centre. This feature makes it easy to do basic tasks on your device. Talking about the main highlights,

  • Face ID Unlocking
  • File Transfer Notification
  • Phone Charging Notification
  • Phone’s silent mode (mute and unmute)
  • Airplane Mode alert
  • Connections alert
  • Flashlight areas
  • Screen recording
  • Currently playing Music
  • Voice Memo recordings
  • Incoming call notification
  • Phone call duration

So, these are Dynamic Island’s most common and most used features. But hello, Xiaomi fans, you are not getting all these features. Here, with our method, you are only able to get some mentioned experience (not all, as in iOS Level). Anyway, our methods and their features are enough to satisfy your Xiaomi phones. These features provided by our following method will be far better and ahead of the default Dynamic Island on HyperOS (which only works on charging, silent, and DND mode, even in classic animation). Now, you are getting rid of these with this golden tutorial.

Enable HyperOS Dynamic Island in your Xiaomi

Here’s the tutorial on how to enable Dynamic Island in Hyperos. Here, we have shared the most helpful tutorial with our Xiaomi fans who love the Dynamic Island features. As we have already mentioned its features, you are now more excited to dive into it. Here’s the process to get Premium Dynamic features on HyperOS.

Method I: Using HyperOne HyperOS Theme

If you believe installing the third party is unsafe or may not work fine, you don’t need to worry about it. Here, we are going to surprise you with this premium tutorial. Using this HyperOS Theme, you can enable Dynamic Island in HyperOS Devices. Don’t worry, it’s easy and simple too.

Here, we are using the HyperOne HyperOS Theme. You can download this app from here (click here). With the help of this HyperOS Theme, you can easily enable the most beautiful and cool Dynamic Island HyperOS with the cool iOS Style experience. First, download the HyperOne HyperOS Theme from the link. After downloading it, you have to follow it here.


  • Click on the given download link (click here); it will redirect you to the HyperOne Theme page,
  • Now, from the theme page, you’ve to scroll down,
  • After tapping OFFICIAL STORE LINK 1, you will automatically be redirected to the Themes Page in Xiaomi’s Themes App. 
  • Here, you have to download the app first by tapping on DOWNLOAD. Now, the downloading process starts there,
  • After successful download, you have to tap on Apply

As of now, you’ve installed the theme, which is your first work. After these, you have to follow the steps below.

Here’s the Main steps,

  • After applying the HyperOne Theme, open the Themes app.
hyperos dynamic island
  • After that, go to My Account>Lock Style; here, you will get a customised icon; tap on it.
  • Now scroll down and enter the passoword; enter ‘BANGLADESH’ as a passport there, as shown in the image,
hyperos dynamic island
  • After that, scroll a little down and find the option Notch style; under Notch style, tap on Smart Island,
dynamic island on hyperos
  • In the next option, ‘Smart Island: Default‘, you must choose the Short Capsule or anyone you want to show the Dynamic Island on HyperOS.
  • Finally, make sure you have enabled the charging, message, Music, display song title, etc. there.
  • That’s it.

With these steps, you can add the Dynamic Island on HyperOS based on your requirements. It’s now easy, and you will see the beautiful Dynamic Island in the notch area of your HyperOS Phone. 

dynamic island on hyperos

Currently, you can do some basic features of Dynamic Island, like on iPhone. This Dynamic Island shows the charging status, battery, calling, message, Music player control, etc., which is more than the Hyper’s Default Dynamic Island.

Method II: Using DNotch App

Want more? Yes, we HyperOS Users deserve more and more options. Another very useful and powerful app I found online is DNotch. Using the DNotch app, you can easily add the Dynamic Island on HyperOS Devices. It’s easier, saves time, and looks premium on your HyperOS Phone. Here’s how,

  • Open the DNotch App on your phone,
dynamic island on hyperos
  • After that, please tap the Display NOTCH icon; here, you must tap toggle to turn it on. When you tap on it will take you to the Accessibility page,
hyperos dynamic island download
  • Tap on the Downloaded apps>DNotch there,
  • Now tap on DNotch to enable it; it will prompt the danger notification; wait for 8 seconds there,
  • After that, check the Terms and then tap on OK,
hyperos dynamic island download
  • That’s all.
hyperos dynamic island download

So, these are the two most useful methods to enable HyperOS Dynamic Island. Using these methods, you can easily enable Dynamic Island on HyperOS.