HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk Download: Latest HyperOS POCO Launcher App


HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk Download: Latest HyperOS POCO Launcher App

HyperOS update on the POCO phones adds many features to the app. We can see complete changes over the Launcher app in the new HyperOS Devices. Here, Xiaomi has made considerable changes to the UI and other HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk features. Here, the changes are impressive and make it more user-friendly.

HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk Latest Version

POCO Launcher is the system UI functioning of the POCO phones by Xiaomi. Previously, we installed the POCO Launcher in non-poco phones, too (Redmi & Xiaomi Phones). But now, the POCO Launcher only works on POCO Phones. After the HyperOS Update, Xiaomi users will get the new UI Launcher, which is quite impressive and beautiful. It is the heart of Xiaomi’s HyperOS Update. With this new Launcher on Xiaomi HyperOS, users can get the latest app icons, including the number of widgets for Homescreen customization. The POCO Launcher App is Xiaomi’s default and system UI app.

This new HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk is more advanced and looks refreshing than before. With the UI changes and other powerful features, we can find it more valuable than before the MI Poco Launcher Apk. Here, in this app, we can notice a vast difference from the previous one.

In this new HyperOS POCO Launcher, Xiaomi has done a great job. Here, like on HyperOS Launcher for Redmi & Xiaomi, you will get similar and accessible features to add several widgets on the Home screen with the help of Xiaomi App Vault. Home screen customization is now relatively easy with the number of premium app widgets.

Introduction to HyperOS POCO Launcher

HyperOS POCO Launcher is the outer UI experience of the Xiaomi HyperOS. It’s the new UI and heart of the new HyperOS, packed with new features. There’s a lot of customization with the unique UI experience. In this HyperOS POCO Launcher, you will get cool animations and changes in the app icons with a better UI Experience. 

At first, the new Launcher came with a unique, impressive layout. Now, we can add the number of widgets for customization from the Home screen. Also, we can notice the new cool app animations while opening or closing it. Also, the app icons are unique this time. 

Features of HyperOS POCO Launcher App

The new HyperOS Updates add several additional features to each system App. In Launcher Apps, they have also added other features to improve it. Here’s a lookup for the most of the features,

Smooth UI: The new HyperOS POCO Launcher is smooth and functions well. With the latest and optimized features here, you will get a smooth UI experience with a decent experience.

Customize Folder Size: As on HyperOS for Redmi, here, too, you will see the new folder design. Now, you can resize the folder into three styles – Regular, Enlarged & XXL.

New UI: This theme’s most significant view change is its UI. Here, it features a unique UI experience, which gives some refreshing experience in this app. The Launcher app is now more explicit, beautiful, and eye-catching.

Smooth Animation: HyperOS POCO Launcher apk works fine and features a smooth animation experience. Here, you can notice this animation while opening and closing the animations. 

Hub for Widgets: Whatever we say, the new HyperOS POCO Launcher is the biggest hub for customization. Now you can quickly add thedgets of the clock, date, time, music, and many more to customize your Homescreen.

HyperOS POCO Launcher App Details

App NamePOCO Launcher (Global)
App Size38.03MB
Updated on 2024-02-22

How to Download HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk & Install It

We used to keep on updating each app here. With the first rollout of each app with the update, we used to update and provide the latest updated APK files to our Xiaomi fans. If you are ready to download and Install this App on your phone, then you can proceed like this,

  • First, Download the HyperOS POCO Launcher App Apk on your Phone. Tap on the given Download Link to start downloading.
  • Go to the Launcher or Downloads tab of the Browser After downloading the Launcher Apk file on your phone.
  • Find the Apk file and tap on it, tap on Install


HyperOS POCO Launcher Apk is Xiaomi’s latest update over the Launcher Apps. Here, you can find some additional features with some improvements in overall features. That’s all about the Launcher App of the HyperOS.


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