HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper App


HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper App

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Super Wallpaper is one of Xiaomi’s cool customization features. Although this feature doesn’t work on budget & non-Amoled Display Xiaomi phones, it’s a boon for you if you have an iPhone from Xiaomi. The new Xiaomi HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk adds cool dynamic animation features to your Home & Lockscreen.

HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk Latest Version

Moon Super Wallpaper offers a smooth animation experience while opening and closing the Lockscreen of your Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi MIUI 12 has this Super Moon Wallpaper to give a decent UI experience to their user. The new HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk is more advanced and looks refreshing. With the changes in the UI and other additional Dynamic features, we can find it more valuable than before the MI Moon Super Wallpaper Apk. Here, in this app, we can notice a vast difference from the previous one.

In this new HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper, Xiaomi has done a great job making it customizable and adding more default wallpapers. In the previous, there are only a total of five default wallpapers. 

Introduction to HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper

HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper is an excellent feature of Xiaomi. It’s the new UI and heart of the new HyperOS, packed with new features. In this HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper, you will get cool animations, a modern look, and a futuristic vibe. At first, the new Moon Super Wallpaper comes with a unique Layout, which is quite impressive. Now, from the Home screen, this Wallpaper also works perfectly with the always-on Display. 

Features of HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper App

This Moon wallpaper is part of Xiaomi Super Wallpapers. So, besides The Moon,’ there are other super wallpapers. But here we are focused only on The Moon Super Wallpaper. Here’s a lookup for the most of the features,

Smooth UI: The new HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper is smooth and functions well. With the latest and optimized features here, you will get a smooth UI experience with a decent experience.

Refreshing Images: This theme’s most significant view change is its UI. Here, it features the new UI experience, which gives some refreshing experience in this app. The Moon Super Wallpaper app is now more straightforward, beautiful, and eye-catching.

HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper App Details

App NameSuper Wallpaper (Moon)
App Size91.27MB
Version ALPHA-2.6.557-01211117-ogl
Updated on 2024-01-26

How to Download HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk & Install It

To use HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper, you install the latest version of HyperOS Super Wallpaper. So, only after installing the HyperOS Super Wallpaper will you get these features on your device. You can check for the app’s updates from the System App Updater from the phone’s settings. After that,

  • Go to the Themes Store app, 
  • Hover to Profile>Wallpaper section there,
  • Now under the wallpaper, you will find he Moon Wallpaper,
  • Now download the Moon Wallpaper there,
  • After that, install it.


HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk is Xiaomi’s latest update over the Moon Super Wallpaper Apps. Here, you can find some additional features with improvements in overall features. That’s all about the Moon Super Wallpaper App of the HyperOS.