HyperOS Security Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Security App


HyperOS Security Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Security App

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HyperOS has focused on security optimization, too. It’s the first time Xiaomi introduced powerful security features on their phone with the security app. In these new security apps, we can see a lot of improvements and changes in the features. Now, Xiaomi phones will be more secure with the advanced security layers and features implemented in this update. Here’s a look at the HyperOS Security Apk.

HyperOS Security Apk Latest Version

Security is one of the most useful apps in any system. With the use of security apps, the phone gets secured from malware and attacks. Not only to secure from malware and attackers but now the security is also taken care of on your phone. Now, the HyperOS Security App is smarter and comes with AI-enhanced security features on it.

With the new HyperOS Security App, you will have a lot of suggestions on how to take care of your phone. Also, the easy optimization features make it easy to take care of the phone and make it secure. In short, this new Security app is a superhero for your Xiaomi Phones (MI, Redmi, and POCO).

Now, the new security app is even more smarter than before. Here, you will get a notification regarding any issues in your phone to be fixed. It helps to protect your phone from the bad stuff and lets you know what’s going on and to fix it. 

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Introduction to HyperOS Security

HyperOS Security is Xiaomi’s system security management app. It’s the Super upgrade app made for Xiaomi’s HyperOS Devices. Now, this HyperOS Security is more powerful than the MIUI Security apps. Here, you can get beautiful UI with easy shortcuts for Bttaery security, Device optimization, and many more.

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What’s more, you will get the tiles/widgets of the features regarding taking quick actions based on recommendations. Like the suggestions of Cleaner, Security Scan, Battery, Boost Speed, Manager Apps, Deep Clean, etc., here you can get supervision to take control over the other safety and useful features like call blocking, etc.

With these, all the new Security Apps are more powerful with AI Integration. Now, this security app features an easy toolbox to take advantage of the more advanced security protection features. 

Features of HyperOS Security App

The new HyperOS Updates add a number of additional features to each system App. Security apps have added additional features to make them better. Here’s a lookup for the most of the features,

Security Scanner: The new advanced security scanner is the top notable feature of this update. Here, it immediately scans each app after installing it. Also, it scans each new file and alerts for privacy protection.

Light in Weight: Including the System ROM, Xiaomi has optimized and compressed the size of this app and made it lightweight. Compared to the previous MIUI Security app, this is quite light and optimized.

New UI: The biggest view change on this theme is its UI. Here, it features the new UI experience, which gives some refreshing experience in this app. Now, the Security app is clearer, more beautiful, and more eye-catching.

HyperOS Security Apk Download

Shortcuts: Like in the Previous MIUI Security, here, too, you will get smart security shortcuts like Battery Management, Security Scan, Speed Boost, Deep Clean, Manage Apps, etc.

Smart Toolbox: When you swipe to the button of the app’s dashboard, you will get the Toolbox features where you can take effective control over the different security settings. Here, you can take control over the data usage, game turbo, test network, and many more.

Way to Other Features: Now, from the security apps on HyperOS, you will be able to get access to the other features. You can check the battery health from the battery tap from the security app. Also, you can boost the device performance from the Boost Speed tab.

HyperOS Security App Details

App NameSecurity (China)
App Size53.5MB
Updated on2024-02-28
App NameSecurity (Global)
App Size89.14MB
Updated on2024-02-29

How to Download HyperOS Security Apk & Install It

We used to keep on updating each app here. With the first rollout of each app with the update, we used to update and provide the latest updated APK files to our Xiaomi fans. If you are ready to download and Install this App on your phone, then you can proceed like this,

  • First, Download the HyperOS Security App Apk on your Phone. Tap on the given Download Link to start downloading.
  • Go to the File Manager or Downloads tab of the Browser After downloading the Security Apk file on your phone.
  • Find the Apk file and tap on it, tap on Install


HyperOS Security Apk is the latest update over the Security Apps by Xiaomi. Here, you can find some additional features with some improvements in overall features. That’s all about the Security App of the HyperOS.