Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates is now Ready: Features & Many More

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Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates is now Ready: Features & Many More

The latest entry-level Phone, Redmi 12, started to get the HyperOS Updates. The Redmi 12 4G/5G Both are getting the new HyperOS to Download right now. Starting from China ROM, Xiaomi is pushing the updates to the Global ROM soon by the end of this January. You can look up more about the Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates Download here & its features.

Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates Download, Features & Release Date

Redmi 12 has started to get the HyperOS Updates in some regions. As per the source, by the end of this month, the Phone is getting the HyperOS Updates globally. Redmi 12 4G comes with the MediaTek Helio G88 Chipset based on the 12nm. Under the price segment, the Phone performs just okay.

After the Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates, we have more expectations for its optimization and performance. With these updates, Xiaomi is going to improve the stability, speed, and overall performance of this Phone. 

Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates Release Date

Redmi 12 has already started to get the HyperOS Updates in some regions. So, there’s no more wait for it. Now, the Xiaomi Redmi 12 is going to get the HyperOS Updates soon globally. Although Xiaomi has not confirmed the exact date of it, we can expect the Phone will start to get updates Globally from the end of this January.

The Redmi 12 will get the HyperOS Build OS1.0.1.0.UMXMIXM is updated. Where the expected size of the update will be around 9.0GB, compared to the MIUI, the size will be lower and give additional space to their Internal storage this time.

Notable Features on Redmi 12 After HyperOS Update

After updating your phone to HyperOS, you are going to get some exciting features that make your phone feel more premium and better. At first, the Performance is stable and better than the MIUI. Besides the Performance here, you will get a better customization experience in the Lockscreen. 

Like iOS, You’re able to make changes to the Lockscreen with your favorite widgets and styles. Besides these all the Control centers of the Redmi 12 will be more clean. Here, like on MIUI, it doesn’t show the names of the features, which may be good or bad. It depends on the users. 

Lockscreen Customization

HyperOS Features customization a lot for their users. Here, you can able to get numerous lock screen designs to make it more favorable for you. Now, the users will able to change the scroll animation of the Lock screen between the Classic, Rhombus, and Magazine styles. Also, the clock widgets and the animation are really fine and look more impressive than the classic MIUI Lock screen. 

Besides the Lock screen animation, you will be able to make changes to the Lock screen Text and the Clock widgets in it. Also, here you can add the custom wallpaper and add the filters on it to make it different and unique.

Lightweight & Hyper Fast

One of the prime reasons to build up the HyperOS is to make the device lightweight and faster. Due to this, Xiaomi has done a great job of optimizing the Performance of the Devices using these HyperOS Updates. At first, the update package of Redmi 12 HyperOS Updates is lighter than the MIUI.

Besides, the HyperOS is quite fast and performs well in the overall aspect. Here you will get the optimization on the overall performance of the phone with the new HyperOS. Additionally, you will be able to uninstall the bloatware and the second-party system apps, too, which may help to make the device even faster than before.

Clear Control Center

Now, the control central is more refined with the change in its features location. Compared to the MIUI, you will be able to get access to the Wi-Fi, Mobile data, and brightness control easily. Also, there are no more feature names in HyperOS like MIUI.

It doesn’t mention the name of features like Bluetooh, Toruch, etc. on the HyperOS. Now, the HyperOS Control center is clean and shows the Icons only.


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