HyperOS Calendar Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Calendar App


HyperOS Calendar Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Calendar App

HyperOS Calendar is more advanced with easy reminder features. Now, it’s easier to set and get the reminder for each event easily. Also, you can add a custom calendar to stay updated with upcoming events and get reminders. Here, you can easily add the Calendar accounts and other cleaners for the holidays/event updates. Now, take a look at the HyperOS Calendar Apk.

HyperOS Calendar Apk Latest Version

Calendar is one of the auto-functioning system apps on any phone. Here on Xiaomi HyperOS, we can find the MI Calendar app, which is used to keep taking control of the system data and events nearby you. As compared to the previous Calendar in MIUI, the newly updated calendar of HyperOS comes with some exciting features.

Here, we can find impressive changes in different features. Here, you can now easily enable the option to show the number of weeks in the month. Also, now you will be able to search for the events. As more, it’s now easy to import the events directly from the mail and other calendar files. So, this is all possible with the new HyperOS Calendar App.

Introduction to HyperOS Calendar

HyperOS Calendar is the system Calendar app that sets the events and the date management in the system. It’s another of the most important and system-functioning apps by Xiaomi. Here, we can notice a number of changes and improvements to make it better in your HyperOS phones.

At first glance, we can notice some remarkable changes in this new app. Also, the new app looks more impressive and smart. This new HyperOS Calendar Apk is now more advanced and easy to get holiday reminders, too.

Features of HyperOS Calendar App

The new HyperOS Updates add a number of additional features to each system App. In Calendar Apps, they have added additional features to make it better, too. Here’s a lookup for the most of the features,

New UI: The biggest one view change on this theme is its UI. Here, it features the new UI experience, which gives some refreshing experience in this app. Now, the Calendar app is clearer, more beautiful, and more eye-catching.

No. of Weeks: Now, you can enable the Show Week number option from the settings of the calendar app to get an instant idea of the number of weeks of that period. 

HyperOS Calendar Apk Download

Search for Events: You can search for any events from the Search for Events option. Now, from here, you will also see all the past, present, and future events easily on your screen. Also, you can search from the search box for the particular events to find out their particular date of incidence. 

Calculate Date: Now, you can also use the new features to calculate the date. With these features, you can set the Start date and forward/Backward the number of days to get the particular date. Likewise, here, you can also calculate the Interval & Convert/calculate the date.

Import Events: If you are using other calendar apps on your phone and want to go fully with the HyperOS Calendar, then you can easily import it. Now, you can import the events and reminders of the calendars from other apps, including Google Calendar. Also, you can import files from the email and other calendars.

Quick Event Preview: From the app’s dashboard, you will get a preview of each event easily. Just swipe up the calendar from the dashboard; it shows the available events on each particular date. 

HyperOS Calendar App Details

App NameCalendar (Global)
App Size2.47MB
Updated on2024-01-18
App NameCalendar (China)
App Size14.45MB
Updated on2024-01-18

How to Download HyperOS Calendar Apk & Install It

We used to keep on updating each app here. With the first rollout of each app with the update, we used to update and provide the latest updated APK files to our Xiaomi fans. If you are ready to download and Install this App on your phone, then you can proceed like this,

  • First, Download the HyperOS Calendar App Apk on your Phone. Tap on the given Download Link to start downloading.
  • Go to the File Manager or Downloads tab of the Browser After downloading the Calendar Apk file on your phone.
  • Find the Apk file and tap on it, tap on Install


HyperOS Calendar Apk is the latest update over the Calendar Apps by Xiaomi. Here, you can find some additional features with some improvements in overall features. That’s all about the Calendar App of the HyperOS.


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