HyperOS Notes Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Notes App


HyperOS Notes Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Notes App

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HyperOS Notes is more advanced and has cool editing features. Now, it’s easier to take a note and save it easily based on their recommendations and importance. The new Notes APK features a cool UI with advanced categorization based on their importance. The new notes app features the auto-categorization of the notes, too. Here’s a look over the HyperOS Notes Apk.

HyperOS Notes Apk Latest Version

Notes is one of the most used system apps on any phone. For smart users, the Note app is very useful. We can use the Notes app, like the Physical Notebook, to record the data and information easily for quick access and reminders. Likewise, the MI Notes is used to record useful information easily.

With the new update of the Notes app, we can find some impressive changes and improvements, too. With the updated UI, we can get a more minimalist experience. Also, the new App is more advanced with Material UI Support.

Introduction to HyperOS Notes

HyperOS Notes is the system Notes App to keep and record text and image-based information. Here, like the previous MI Notes, you will be able to get all the features of Notes Keeping. Additionally, there are some upgrades and changes to its core features.

At first glance, the new HyperOS Notes Apk features the updated UI, which looks impressive, too. Also, it gives a different new UI Experience with a cleaner, minimalistic design and simplicity. The more the new App features, the more adjustable widgets of the Notes. Also, now the Notes app is smarter and categorizes each note based on its importance. 

Likewise, you can also sort the Notes based on their folders easily. Also, you can set reminders for the event easily from the Notes app. 

Features of HyperOS Notes App

The new HyperOS Updates add a number of additional features to each system App. In Notes Apps, they have added additional features to make it better, too. Here’s a lookup for the most of the features,

New UI: The biggest one view change on this theme is its UI. Here, it features the new UI experience, which gives this App a refreshing experience. Now, the Notes app is clearer, more beautiful, and more eye-catching.

Quick Notes: Now you can easily add the New notes by tapping on the + icon there. From the Dashboard of the Notes App, you will be able to record the notes easily.

HyperOS Notes Apk Download

Organize: The HyperOS Notes Apk features the easy and smart organization of the Notes. It can now categorize all the notes into different folders and categorize them according to their importance and uses.

Change Layout: You can also change the layout of the notes in the app app. Based on your need, you have two options (Grid or List) view of the Notes.

Adjust Font Size: If you want to set the default font size of the Notes, then you can set it from the Settings of the Notes App. You can now select the Medium, Small, or Large as the default font size.

HyperOS Notes App Details

App NameNotes (China)
App Size69.82MB
Updated on2024-02-26

How to Download HyperOS Notes Apk & Install It

We used to keep on updating each app here. With the first rollout of each app with the update, we used to update and provide the latest updated APK files to our Xiaomi fans. If you are ready to download and Install this App on your phone, then you can proceed like this,

  • First, Download the HyperOS Notes App Apk on your Phone. Tap on the given Download Link to start downloading.
  • Go to the File Manager or Downloads tab of the Browser After downloading the Notes Apk file on your phone.
  • Find the Apk file and tap on it, tap on Install


HyperOS Notes Apk is the latest update over the Notes Apps by Xiaomi. Here, you can find some additional features with some improvements in overall features. That’s all about the Notes App of the HyperOS.