HyperOS Weather Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Weather App


HyperOS Weather Apk Download: Latest HyperOS Weather App

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HyperOS update on the Xiaomi phones adds a lot of features to the app. Among them, the Weather app also comes with additional features. After the rollout of the HyperOS Updates by Xiaomi, all the Xiaomi users are eagerly waiting and also keep on enjoying it on their phones. Here, after the rollout of the HyperOS, we can find some changes and better UI over the Weather App, too. So, here’s the HyperOS Weather Apk.

HyperOS Weather Apk Latest Version

Weather is one of the most used system apps on any phone. Here, Xiaomi has done great work by adding some cool features to the app. As compared to the previous weather apps for MIUI here, we can definitely notice some changes in it. Due to this, the app will now be able to add more animation, new UI design, and other options.

In this new HyperOS Weather App, Xiaomi adds more cool features at every step. Here, you will see more tiles on the app that forest the alerts with the new UI design. Also, it has an improved AQI to give accurate weather and humidity results.

Introduction to HyperOS Weather

HyperOS Weather is the weather forecasting app for the Xiaomi Phones. Weather, aka MI Weather/ HyperOS Weather app, is now more extended in terms of forecasting features. This is the default and system Weather alert app where the users can get the weather status with the forecast, including the other features on it.

Compared to the previous weather app, the new Weather App is quite advanced. With the use of the latest AI Technology, this new app is more accurate and advanced in terms of each specified feature. For the most part, the app features an inspiring new UI design with smooth animations showing clouds and raindrops.

Features of HyperOS Weather App

The new HyperOS Updates add a number of additional features to each system App. In Weather Apps, they have added additional features to make them better, too. Here’s a lookup for the most of the features,

Light in Weight: Including the System ROM, Xiaomi has optimized and compressed the size of this app and made it lightweight. Compared to the previous MIUI Weather app, this is quite light and optimized.

New UI: The biggest one view change on this theme is its UI. Here, it features the new UI experience, which gives some refreshing experience in this app. Now, the weather app is clearer, beautiful, and eye-catching.

Change in Animation: Now, the new HyperOS Weather Apk features beautiful Animation effects. As compared to the previous Weather App now, the new advanced app comes with beautiful animation effects. Here, we can easily see the current weather.

HyperOS Weather Apk Download

Optimized AQI: This time, Xiaomi has improved the Air Quality Index Feature on their app. Now, it shows the more accurate results on the screen. You will be able to see it more clearly from the Air Quality Index tab. Here, you will get the beautiful tiles/widgets of the status of UV, Humidity, Real feel, West, Sunrise, etc.

Quick Alerts: The new HyperOS Weather App keeps on notifying you about weather changes. You will get the latest alerts and notifications regarding the changes in the weather in your area.

HyperOS Weather App Details

App NameWeather (Global)
App Size19.1MB
Updated on2024-02-19
App NameWeather (China)
App Size31.2MB
Updated on2024-01-10

How to Download HyperOS Weather Apk & Install It

We used to keep on updating each app here. With the first rollout of each app with the update, we used to update and provide the latest updated APK files to our Xiaomi fans. If you are ready to download and Install this App on your phone, then you can proceed like this,

  • First, Download the HyperOS Weather App Apk on your Phone. Tap on the given Download Link to start downloading.
  • Go to the File Manager or Downloads tab of the Browser After downloading the Weather Apk file on your phone.
  • Find the Apk file and tap on it, tap on Install


HyperOS Weather Apk is the latest update over the Weather Apps by Xiaomi. Here, you can find some additional features with some improvements in overall features. That’s all about the Weather App of the HyperOS.