Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS for Xiaomi and Redmi Phones

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Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS for Xiaomi and Redmi Phones

Proxima UI HyperOS Theme is a premium Samsung OneUI Theme for HyperOS. It’s one of the best Samsung themes for HyperOS inspired by the Samsung OneUI, featuring a lot of customization features and premium App Icons. Here’s a look at the Samsung Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS.

As we all know, Xiaomi MIUI and the new HyperOS are the best in terms of customization. Compared to other smartphone brands and their custom Android Skin, Xiaomi offers more options and is free to make custom changes to their phone’s appearance. So, here, we will be able to customize the appearance of HyperOS to our heart’s desire. So, today here we are excited to introduce Proxima UI Theme for HyperOS.

Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS for Xiaomi and Redmi Phones

Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS features the Samsung Mobile Theme. It’s one of the OneUI-based Themes made for the Xiaomi HyperOS. Here, we can find the same outlook and inspiration from the Samsung OneUI, which adds more flavor to give some Samsung Experience in HyperOS.

If you are searching for the Samsung OneUI Theme for HyperOS or OneUI HyperOS Theme, then here’s one of the theme themes for you. Like other Samsung OneUI themes for MIUI & HyperOS, here you will be able to get the Samsung Style App Icons, Lock, and Home Screen, including some additional features based on the themes.

Similarly, these themes are able to make Minimal Changes to the default HyperOS & MIUI Themes. Here, you will find the change in the colors, lock screen, app icons, control center, and other minimal effects. Overall, it’s one of the fantastic and best hyperos themes featuring cool app icons.

Besides, this Theme is able to make changes to the system apps of your phone, like Dialer Messaging. Also, the color effect on the Settings of the phone makes it one of the Best Xiaomi Hyper OS themes.

Why Proxima UI Theme for HyperOS?

proxima ui oneui theme download

Proxima UI OneUI Theme is a Samsung-inspired theme made by Keivn to give some experience to HyperOS. Here, the theme features some pre-customized and customizable features on the Home and Lock screen, so you will be able to make some changes and give the outlook like the Samsung Phones.

Here, you will get the amazing clock widget placed on the Lock screen with the date and day, which looks awesome. These, all the minor changes in the Control center, and the Status bar make it one of the Best OneUI Themes for HyperOS. Also, the Theme features give a more likely outlook as the OneUI on the Home screen with the Samsung App icons.

With these all here, you will be able to add the custom app and theme inbuilt widgets on the Home screen as per your need for customization. Besides these, here you will be able to get some inspired changes in the system apps like MIUI Dialer and Messages. Overall, Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS is one of the best themes that you can try.

Proxima UI Theme Details

Here’s some more information about this Theme. You can find a more details preview regarding this Theme for HyperOS,

Theme NameProxima UI
Theme Size21.2 MB
Developed byAziz Nugroho
Applicable forHyperOS 1.0 & MIUI
RemarksBest for Samsung UI Experience

Download Links:

Proxima UI OneUI Theme for HyperOS is a freemium Theme for Hyper OS by Xiaomi. So, you can download it officially from the Official Link of Xiaomi Themes. Here’s the Download Link for this Beautiful Free HyperOS Theme.

How to Install HyperOS Themes [From Official Store Link]

It’s easier to install the apps from the Play Store to Install the Apps from the Official Theme Store Link. For this, you need to follow these simple steps,

  • Open the MI Browser on your phone first. As of now, Chr,ome and other browsers don’t support opening the Link to the target. So, use the MI Browser.
  • Tap on the Official Theme Store Link option from the given download Links on each theme.
  • Now, it will prompt or show the Pop-up to choose any app or browser to open that Link; here, you have to choose the MI Themes App of Xiaomi.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the Download Page of the Theme,
  • Tap on Download to start the Download of that theme,
  • After a successful Download, tap on Apply; before that, you will be able to make a selection of its apply (System, Lockscreen, Homescreen, etc.).
  • Here, you’ve applied the theme successfully.

(Note: if you are visiting this page on another browser then simply copy the Link of this page and then paste it to the Mi Browser search to get the same page on your MI Browser.)


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